WARNING!!! Do Not Buy NeriumAD on eBay.com

eBay.com is not an authorized sales channel for NeriumAD® or other products from Nerium International™. Purchasing NeriumAD® from eBay instead of from a Nerium Brand Partner will likely result in a less than satisfactory experience, a lower quality product, and increases your chances of being scammed. If you are concerned about your skin, we urge you to purchase NeriumAD® from us. eBay.com purchases are not protected by warranty or our guarantee and we can’t offer a refund or exchange of the purchase.

Buy NeriumAD

Instead of buying NeriumAD® from and unknown seller on eBay, buy directly from Nerium without worry. Click the image to get started.

If You Must Buy NeriumAD from eBay

If you can’t purchase from Nerium.com, can’t find a Brand Partner, and must purchase from eBay.com, please keep the following items in mind:

1. Once your product arrives, look for damage or signs of tampering on the bottle. If you see any, do not use the product and attempt to return it to the seller for a refund.

2. Next, pump the NeriumAD Night Cream product twice into your hand. The cream color should be yellowish or light tan, it should be smooth with no chunks, and have an earthy aroma (imagine the smell of a flower shop). If the product is clumpy or chunky and not smooth, a darker brown color, or gives off a foul odor, it’s likely you received a bad product from the eBay seller. If NeriumAD is stored in warm or hot environments, like the trunk of a car, gym locker, or garage for an extended period, the product can go bad. Because eBay is not an authorized sales channel, we can’t guarantee the storage conditions of your NeriumAD product or offer you a refund or replacement.