WARNING!!! Do Not Buy NeriumAD on Amazon.com

Nerium International™ does not authorize any sales through Amazon.com. Purchasing from Amazon instead of from a certified Brand Partner might result in a lower quality product, reduced effectiveness of the product, and increased likelihood of being scammed. We want to make sure everyone that purchases NeriumAD® gets the most out of their purchase to help their skin look and feel amazing. When you purchase from Amazon or related online retailers we cannot offer warranty on the product or any refunds either.

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If you’re looking to buy from Amazon.com because you can’t find a Nerium Brand Partner, click on the image below and care for your skin without worry.
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If You Must Buy NeriumAD from Amazon

There are few, if any, legitimate reasons to purchase NeriumAD from Amazon. However, if you must purchase it from Amazon, please keep these things in mind:

1. After you receive the product, ensure that the bottle is the right size and is not damaged or broken.

2. Place about 2 pumps into the palm of your hand. NeriumAD Night Cream should be yellow or a light tan color, smooth, and have a slightly earthy fragrance, like the smell of a flower shop. If the product is dark in color, clumpy, or has a pungent odor, you likely received a bad product from the seller. Attempt to return it to them and contact a Brand Partner to purchase legitimate product. NeriumAD can go bad if stored in a warm environment, like a hot car or office window. Since we do not authorize the sales through Amazon we can’t guarantee the storage conditions of your product or replace it.