There are many Nerium reviews and case studies from the nearly 1 million people who have tried NeriumAD. But what do the experts—dermatologists, doctors, and other skin care workers—have to say? Does Nerium work, according to the experts?


Nerium Reviews by Dermatologists

Before NeriumAD was ever sold to the public, it underwent rigorous testing by dermatologists and other medical researchers. Their job was to determine whether Nerium works, and whether it was safe for people to use.

Clinical trials proved that NeriumAD does work, reducing the appearance of facial lines and discoloration by up to 67%.

But what about safety? Years of testing and scientific review have shown that Nerium is safe. It’s non-toxic, non-GMO, and even gluten-free. You can see what dermatologists and other experts have to say about Nerium safety in the video below.


Nerium Reviews by Estheticians

Estheticians, or licensed skincare professionals, have also tested the product to see if NeriumAD works for their clients. As shown in the video below, they describe the real-world results as “amazing,” “mesmerizing,” and “mind-blowing.”

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