Nerium – Roadmap to Lexus

NeriumThink earning a Lexus from Nerium International™ sounds too good to be true? Think again! Countless Nerium Brand Partners have already become proud new owners of Lexus cars and SUVs simply by following our roadmap. Now it’s your turn to start down the road to Lexus!


Goal 1: Fast Start Qualify

        ~ Have three active, personally sponsored Brand Partners on your team
        ~ Generate a minimum of 500 PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume) in your first 30 days as a Brand Partner
        ~ Generate 2,000 QV (Qualifying Volume) between you and your Brand Partners


With these goals complete, you:

        ~ Start earning a 10 percent Coaching Commission
        ~ Are promoted to Senior Brand Partner


Goal 2: Earn an iPad Bonus!

        ~ Generate 500 PQV within your first 30 days
        ~ Generate 4,500 GQV (Group Qualifying Volume)
        ~ Earn the rank of Director within the first 60 days by helping your sponsored Brand Partners Fast Start Qualify in their first 30 days


With these goals complete, you:

        ~ Receive an iPad, a $350 bonus, or seven free bottles of NeriumAD
        ~ Are promoted to Director


Goal 3: Qualify for the Lexus Bonus!

        ~ Generate 12,500 GQV
        ~ Earn the rank of Senior Director within the first 90 days by helping the Brand Partners under your personally sponsored Brand Partners Fast Start Qualify in their first 30 days


With these goals complete, you:

        ~ Qualify for the Lexus bonus
        ~ Are promoted to Senior Director


What You Could do with a Lexus from Nerium

All it takes to quality for the Lexus bonus is the desire to spread the word about NeriumAD! Share it with your family and friends; many are bound to see the value of Nerium skin care and want to join you as a fellow Brand Partner.


After you win the Lexus, just imagine the possibilities:

        ~ Stop hitching rides and secure your own beautiful mode of transportation.
        ~ Upgrade your old lemon for a reliable car that turns heads wherever you go.
        ~ Get that second car you’ve always needed for your family.
        ~ Create your own Nerium Ripple by giving the car to a loved one in need.


With dedicated Brand Partners like you, there’s no limit as to where Nerium can go from here! For more information regarding the Nerium skin care product and how to join our team and become a Brand Partner, visit our Nerium International website and be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, and YouTube.


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  • Amber Waltemate

    Nerium’s roadmap to Lexus is what took me from wanting free product each month to wanting a Lexus! And I got it! Three months to the day!thanks Nerium!

  • Bradley Jon Thompson

    Nerium’s Road Map to Lexus is easy to understand and to accomplish. The company has designed this to happen in 90 days, but in addition to us doing it faster, we have had many of our team members to it quicker as well. Some have taken a bit longer…who cares…they are still driving new cars that are paid for by the company! Thanks for our new Lexus, we call Merium,….Nerium! (And yes…we have a name for our other cars as well ;-) )

  • Anne Kerry Ford

    Nerium gave me a Lexus bonus in my first 90 days, and now my team has 26 Lexus earners as well! Nerium is a great company that gives generous bonuses to people just getting started in the business

  • Damon Patrick Rourke

    The Nerium Roadmap to Lexus is so easy to follow. With Nerium’s easy to follow system for success, i went working 50-60 hours a week to being a full time Nerium Brand Parnter.

  • Sheri Vincent

    Nerium’s car bonus program is far superior to any other programs. The roadmap to Lexus is so simple and attainable. Everyone can drive one of those beautiful cars!

  • Debra Lindy

    With Nerium International I was able to earn my Lexus in the first 30 days!! Nerium and the road map to Lexus is changing lives!

  • Betsy Rodgers Smith

    Nerium makes our path simple, with easy to follow steps to fast start qualify, earn our Ipad, earn our Lexus and head to NMD. Thanks, Nerium!

  • Daye Proffit

    Nerium has taken a complex (and very lucrative) compensation plan and made it very understandable to anyone. Just follow the Nerium Roadmap to Lexus and you will achieve more than you ever hoped possible!

  • David H

    Nerium has rewarded over 2500 people earn a Lexus Bonus! Nerium pays $500 to $1000 a month for you to drive a Lexus! I earn My Lexus bonus in my second month – with their system so can you!

  • Angela Trojan

    Nerium International has changed so many lives. It’s amazing to drive a brand new Lexus and have it paid for by Nerium!!

  • Stephanie Brua

    Nerium’s Lexus program is so achievable! In 5 months, I was able to earn my Lexus while having my baby (3-8months) with me every step of the way. I like to say he earned his car before he even knew what it was! :)

  • Padraic McCracken

    Neriums road map to Lexus is for our beginning levels of leadership! Just awesome

  • Puya Ghandian

    Lexus BY Texas!!! Nerium has built in drivers that truly to give each and every person getting involved an opportunity to accomplish them!

  • Hailey

    Nerium intern’l makes it so simple to earn a Lexus! Get your 3 and help your 3 get their 3, it’s that easy! I love my Lexus! Thanks Nerium!

  • Sherry Johnson

    The Nerium roadmap to Lexus is easy to understand and fun. Earning the car is so exciting, but helping others to earn a Lexus of their own is the best!

  • Amanda Thompson

    Lexus by Texas!!! Nerium has created a simple system to create success for anyone!!!

  • SaraT

    Nerium makes it so easy to earn your Lexus in no time!

  • Zoe Morris

    Nerium Intl. has an incentive program of earning a LEXUS. This Step by Step guide to driving a Lexus in 90 days is doable and easily taught. I love my Lexus and love helping others earn their Lexus car bonus.


    The Roadmap to Lexus is a great incentive program that allows you to earn bonuses or awards on your way to obtaining your Lexus.


    Can you imagine being part of any other company helping u get a Lexus. That’s what Nerium International does.

  • audrea

    I still pinch myself when I get into my new 2013 Lexus RX350. This would not be possible without Nerium!!! Seriously grateful and pumped about being a part of this skin care revolution!!!! ANYONE can do this, the roadmap to Lexus is for anyone who knows anyone with skin…(yes, that means all of us!)

  • Christine W

    I like the idea of the Nerium Ripple to “give the car to a loved one in need.” This speaks volumes to how hard one is willing to work to make someone else’s life much better.


    Hi everyone! Just joined Nerium recently but already have excellent results! Join my Team! We’re in Connecticut, Rhode Island, MA and growing!


    We’re hosting our first #Nerium #party in #Connecticut and #Rhode Island! please stop by on Tuesday April, 26 at 6 pm at 21 Canal St, Westerly, RI. We’ll be happy to meet and greet you! :)

  • cfraire

    Way to go, Sally! Congrats!


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