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Nerium is Revolutionizing the way we view Skincare

Nerium International is a company that is taking the skincare industry by storm, with a relationship marketing team that is determined to change the world for the better. Nerium Brand Partners are dynamic individuals, with an entrepreneurial spirit, a deep enthusiasm for skin care products, and a strong desire to help others and impact lives. Energetic and knowledgeable, they embrace change eagerly, and are interested in scientific and technological breakthroughs. It’s not surprising, then, that many partners are so enthusiastic about taking their businesses to the next level by going mobile.



Nerium moves business to mobile with the Nerium Mobile App!

The Nerium App is available for free on iTunes. Compatible with iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads, using iOS 4 or newer, it enables Brand Partners to access many important Online Business Center features. Essentially, it affords Brand Partners the opportunity to run their businesses from any location, instead of having to find a computer to access the website. The most recent version of the app, released in December 2012, gives Brand Partners the capability to:

~ Enroll new Brand Partners

~ Enroll Preferred Customers

~ Access the new Events Calendar

~ Utilize the new Communications Center

~ Connect with Nerium social media

~ See your personal and team volume reports

~ Contact team members with the click of a button


Born of a groundbreaking, accidental scientific discovery, which led to the development of NeriumAD, Nerium has always been a company on the cutting edge, ready to embrace new discoveries and technology. Bringing Nerium to a mobile app is just one more way that the company is leading the industry, committed to being the very best. Have you taken your Nerium business mobile yet? There’s no better time to start! To learn more about the new Nerium App, and other methods for growing your business, visit the Nerium website. To gather knowledge and information from your Nerium family, be sure to reach out and connect through Facebook and Twitter.


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  • http://www.amygeo.nerium.com/ Amy Geoffrion

    I love my Nerium mobile app….I use it daily!

  • http://www.facebook.com/janice.herrick Janice Herrick

    Love the way Nerium Intl is always finding new ways for me to manage my business, like this phone app. It’s another great tool from Nerium!

  • J Branch

    Nerium International’s mobile web site is a wonderful business building and monitoring tool. And, Nerium regularly adds many new mobile features.

  • TonyWinston

    Actually the App lacks the Ability to run on all mobile Device,it’s only Geared toward Iphone and IOS applications,Sadly you are leaving out the other 67 percent of Non-apple User’s….Not everybody use an Iphone,

  • TonyWinston

    Can’t believe you deleted My Post….

    • cfraire

      Tony, Blog comments are not deleted. The comments must be approved first before they show up on blog.

      • TonyWinston

        Thank you I stand Corrected.

  • Denise V

    The Nerium mobile app is a great way to take your business “on
    the go”. I love the resources available to brand partners!

  • Matthew L

    The Nerium mobile app is incredible and should be an important tool of every Brand Partner so they can be successful!

  • Misty

    Nerium has an awesome mobile app! Just another way Nerium makes business for Brand Partners easier!

  • Rhonda Ihlenburg

    What about the NON Apple Family members???? LOL!
    Any chance you are going to do the same for Droid users?

    • cfraire

      Rhonda, We are working very hard on getting an app set-up for all our Andriod users.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lindamdiesel Linda Diesel-Carter

    I love that we can do business wherever we go on our cell phones and IPads. Nerium makes our business so simple anyone can do it…full time or part time.

  • Peter Larsen

    The Nerium app makes it easy to track your progress. Run this like a business, have fun, results always follow!

  • Victoria Williams

    Cannot wait to have the Android app. Being able to take your business anywhere is invaluable!

  • Robin Sherrod Wilson

    I love having my business in the palm of my hand!

  • http://www.facebook.com/badebolt Barbara Anne DeBolt

    thank you Nerium International for giving me the tools I need to be successful! Website and app is very impressive. Then winning my ipad! I showed potential brand partners these tools from my ipad I won and they learned from me how to do the same thing I did!

  • Terri Peart

    I pictured up the android app on Play Store. Works pretty good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deirdre.clement Deirdre McCourt Clement

    I need the app for my windows 8 phone waiting for that.

  • Lisa Furry

    Wonderful versatility for business on the go!

  • http://twitter.com/realresults2 Real Results

    Great tool to allows us to connect all the dots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cpspradlin Cynthia Porter Spradlin

    Nerium is great for any busy professional or at home parent. Nerium mobile capability enables anyone to build an incredible business part time or full time while on the go. If you want leverage – you have to look at what this company offers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amy.nakos Amy Yindrick Nakos

    Nerium makes business on the go easy! I love that the Nerium App turns my iPhone into my business assistant allowing me to enroll customers and brand partners without having to lug my laptop around! Thanks Nerium.

  • La Rie

    It’s Great to take Your Nerium Business Mobile.

  • Cheryl Wencl

    I have a brand partner that downloaded the Mobile App and is getting a message to enter a login in token…what is that?

    • cfraire

      It sounds like your Brand Partner downloaded the Nerium Communication Center App. In order to get the token, they would need go into their back office in the Now Communication Center, from there click “My Account,” then “Nerium Communication Center Mobile App.”
      Have a nice day!

  • http://audreacowan.aRealbreakthrough.com/ audrea

    I am a mom of 2 small amazing kiddos and always on the go and I own a large dance studio in Texas…there is no free time in my life, but with the Nerium Mobile app, sending videos and info from my phone is a click away…simple, quick, and easy….one more reason that I love this incredible company!

  • Christine W

    This is great to bring Nerium to the forefront of technology and create an app for convenience.

  • Melissa

    Please develop an app for windows 8.

    • Mary Higbe

      We’ll share this with our IT team!

      • Sheena Nap-Brooks

        If you download BlueStacks software on your windows 8 devise you call have access to all android apps including Nerium.


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