Four Types of Nerium AD Real Results Parties

As a new Brand Partner with Nerium International, it’s time to jumpstart your business by hosting your first Nerium AD Real Results Party. With your first party out of the way, you’ll feel more confident in yourself and your ability to build your Nerium business!


You might be under the impression that there’s only one type of Real Results Party. However, four distinct types give you the flexibility you need to present Nerium AD to the exact audience in attendance.


In-Home Real Results Party | Nerium AD

Nerium ADThis can be held in your own home or the home of a Preferred Customer or Brand Partner on your team. It’s an informal gathering of friends, family and neighbors that you have invited to spend an hour with you to learn more about Nerium AD.


The most important segment of an in-home Real Results Party is the DVD presentation. It’s a real weight off your shoulders to know that the DVD presents the ins and outs of Nerium AD so you don’t have to.


Market Real Results Party | Nerium AD

This type of party serves the same purpose as the in-home variety, but it’s held at a local venue rather than someone’s home. You might choose to meet at a clubhouse, coffee shop, salon, restaurant or other comfortable location.


Meeting at a larger venue where no one is responsible for providing food, seating or cleanup allows you to invite more guests. Feel free to team up with another Brand Partner where both of you invite people you know for a large gathering of co-workers and acquaintances.


Blitz Real Results Party | Nerium AD

Once you’ve hosted a few Real Results Parties and you feel comfortable with the process, consider having a “blitz” day where you host party after party all day long. Of course, you’ll want to team up with other Brand Partners so it’s a fun, not exhausting, experience.


Consider inviting everyone you know to the location you’ve chosen for your parties any time they can make it. Let them know that parties start on the hour, every hour. They can treat it like an open house and stop by whenever works best for their schedule.


3UR Free Real Results Party | Nerium AD

Your Preferred Customer can earn free product through Nerium’s 3URFree program simply by sharing Nerium AD with three friends who choose to become Preferred Customers.


At these types of Real Results Parties, focus solely on the product, rather than the benefits of being a Brand Partner, to help your Preferred Customer qualify.


Remember, it’s important to host and attend Real Results Parties on a regular basis. After all, the more parties you have, the more customers and Brand Partners you’ll get on your team. Read our blog to learn more about the ins and outs of hosting a Nerium AD Real Results Party.


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  • cfraire

    Real Results Parties are always better with NeriumAD as the VIP guest.

  • Sherry Johnson

    Nerium parties are a simple & fun way to share NeriumAD!

  • Mary Bergin McCracken

    Real Results Parties are fun and the best way to share the many benefits of Nerium AD. I have never used a product as consistently as Nerium AD and love the results. My skin just keeps getting better and healthier!

  • Victoria J. Dow

    Nerium AD is all it professes to be. I own a Med Spa, and my clients are loving it! They see me and say WHAT have you done??? Nerium AD. Tell me more, they say.

  • Angela Rogers

    NeriumAD parties are the best way to promote your business. It’s a great way to get all your friends and family involved and get them just as excited about Nerium.

  • jdmaddox

    NeriumAD parties are so fun and informing!


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